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BRAND LEADERSHIP Understand what you do, how you do it, and most importantly, WHY you do it. Brand is about strategy. Marketing/Communications are tactics that express your brand. Every aspect of your business must prove the brand to be true. Your brand should drive your growth, or there's something wrong. If you lack experienced brand/creative leadership in-house, or your in-house team is overburdened, I can help.  

CREATIVE DIRECTION / RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Creative strategic thinking should drive brand efforts that align with your goals and objectives. Turn ideas into action. Assemble and lead the appropriate creative individuals and/or agencies to bring it all to life. Creatives do better work when they're given clear direction. They appreciate clients who are organized and speak their language. I've been the creative, the client, and the liaison in-between.  I can help set everyone up for success.

BRAND COMMUNICATIONS You have many tools at your disposal (live, print, and digital); use them properly. You have many audiences (internal and external); know who they are and what they need. Inspire people. Add value and build trust. This is about relationships and being authentic. Otherwise you're just making noise.